June 18, 2020

Review: Sapling - New Release from Remorsefully Numb

   3 minutes and 55 seconds of raw power -- the chilling highs and brooding lows of the distorted guitar couple immaculately with the steady constant of a low end and beat that make my hair stand with every replay.

   On top of it all the signature, jagged delivery of cutting lyrics from the singer describe a person sick and dying from inside as they find the roots of darkness grow, and keep one suffocating, rooted and dug, in picture perfect place.

   Overall, a five-star banger and an outstanding example of the undying rock scene in the Kansas City area, and of the up-and-coming Midwest Emo genre. Would definitely recommend turning this up and ripping the knob off.

-- Derek Benkovich, Music Editor of the Inter-City News

Remorsefully Numb is A. J. Gibson, Jake Ayers, Chaz Florido, and Warren Beal. Formed in Sugar Creek in 2016.  Visit their website at remorsefullynumb.com