June 23, 2018


Call Mayor Weir at  (816) 325-7027
City Council (816) 325-7022
City Council Meeting 6:00 P.M. Monday, June 25

From Former Independence City Councilwoman Lucy Young:

On June 18, 2018 The Independence City Council voted to approve the budget with a Million Dollar reduction in the IPL (Indep. Power and Light) budget.  Now Karen DeLuccie has called a Special Council Meeting June 25, 2018 at 6PM to overturn this vote.   The citizens of Independence, MO pay higher electric rates than KCPL, even though ours is a city owned Power Company.  This reduction of 1M$ cuts some high salaried jobs that are not needed as we contract out studies and only produce 2% of our power, buying majority from a Nebraska company.   I would appreciate your news team alerting the citizens of Independence of this pending reversal of action.  These same people had no qualms in cutting jobs in favor of installation of Smart Meters but refuse to cut the high salaries and benefits paid jobs that drive our rates higher.   One Million Dollars cut from any budget should be welcomed by the citizens with open arms if they knew about it. (Video below of 6/18 City Council Meeting - Skip to 33:30 if the video doesn't start there automatically)

EDITOR'S NOTE: The City of Independence is now charging citizens an extra $4.95 if they pay their utility bills online or over the phone. More information about this change coming soon.

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